My friend was giving away this cute Husky puppy, I took him without any hesitation!

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tumblr meet up

I had to replay this twenty three times to see every individual

What is this even!?

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Instead of killing an unwanted  tree , this machine makes it possible to move it to a new place instead.


i bet this mother fucker wants to kill optimus prime

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Here’s why it’s a terrible idea to let your kids watch Fox News.

While commenting on a female perpetrator fleeing to Canada after committing statutory rape, a Fox correspondent said this:

"If you’re a sixteen-year-old kid and you have sex with your best friend’s mom you usually get high-fives."

And Jesse Watters didn’t stop there.

"She’s not that attractive so you might not have that kind of reception … She’s not Debra Lafave.” 

This isn’t the first time a man on Fox’s Outnumbered downplayed the seriousness of statutory rape. For reference, see: Tucker Carlson, who told America to "lighten up" on the crime and said that men understand that sexual harassment from a female teacher is the "greatest thing that ever happened." A month later he attacked a kid for reporting statutory rape as "whiny."

We’re seeing a trend here, and it’s Fox’s glorification of crimes against America’s youth. This is especially problematic when an estimated 1 in 6 men go through unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before they turn 18.

How rape culture handles male victims.

Okay but how did she even get asylum.

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dad NO

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Think about it.
If you hate on furries
You have no right to watch popular shows such as adventure time, regular show, pretty much ANY show with a talking animal.


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im laughing so hard

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i love being called lady by people like when kids are in ur way and they’re parents say “let this lady pass” it’s like heck yeah im a lady

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